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The Instruments
Currently in Production by David Ouvry

(Click the thumbnail image to see enlarged views of front and back)

1Modelled on Guarneri del gesu "Kreisler" (1730)
2Modelled on Guarneri del gesu "Kochanski" (1741)
3Modelled on Montagnana (1746)
1Modelled on an Italian viola, unnamed, currently owned by Garfield Jackson of the Endellion String Quartet. 412 mm (16.25 inches)
2Modelled on G.B. Guadagnini (1785) 394mm (15.5 inches)
3A 394mm model suitable for smaller players, being less wide than the Guadagnini model

I have sold instruments in the U.K., the United States, Spain and Australia. In addition instruments have gone to the Benslow Trust and the Yehudi Menuhin School.


Violins from £3,000
Violas from £3,500

A few of my instruments are still available below the quoted prices.
In certain cases discounts for students and deferred payments may be arranged.

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