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Performers' Comments
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Erich Gruenberg, OBE What both models have in common is very fine workmanship and most appealing resonance - in fact they have the kind of resonance that professional players look for. My congratulations on your most promising excellent achievement.
Michael Thomas - 1st Violin, Brodsky String Quartet For such quality of tone to be found in new instruments is extremely rare. Fine craftsmanship has enabled him to produce violins of great carrying power. A remarkable achievement for any luthier.
Andrew Watkinson - 1st violin, Endellion String Quartet, 2004 David's new violin was immediately free and responsive. The tone seemed good and strong, and as I began to know the fiddle better it became clear that it possessed a wide range of tone colour. Every part of the instrument spoke easily and well. It was a pleasure to play such a fine new violin and I thoroughly recommend it.
Madeleine Mitchell - Concert Violinist and Professor at the Royal College of Music I am delighted to recommend his instruments strongly to any player seeking a fine quality of sound.
David Ehrlich - 1st Violin, Audubon String Quartet, USA I am very impressed with David Ouvry's violins. Unlike other modern violins I have tried, they have the playability and quality of tone and projection of instruments made in earlier centuries.
David Ouvry Violin

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